Real Time High Accuracy Tracking / Locating Solutions (RTLS)

The system consists of positioning sensor (Anchor), positioning Tag (Tag) and software platform. The positioning sensor is installed at fixed position. The tag is worn
or mounted on the object to be tracked.
Tag launches UWB signal to measure the range between each sensor, and back-end software platform use the TOA and TDOA algorithm to calculate the position.

Technology Breakthrough

Tracking / Locating / Navigating Technologies


  • Operate:                                                           Statelline
  • Dimension:                                                      2D
  • Accuracy:                                                        Meters
  • Signal Integrity :                                            Outdoor only
  • Target Vertical Market:                                Navigation

2.Wi-Fi / BLE

  • Operate:                                                          Relative Signal Strength (RSSI) fusing with other methods for distance measurement
  • Dimension:                                                      2D
  • Accuracy:                                                        Meters
  • Signal Integrity :                                            Experience Signal Drops when too many devices hops on the same network
  • Target Vertical Market:                                Shopper Management

3.Ultra Wideband

  • Operate:                                                          2 Way Ranging
  • Dimension:                                                    3D / 2D / Zoning
  • Accuracy:                                                        30cm ~ 10cm
  • Signal Integrity :                                            Real-time localization with milliseconds latency, high consistency and high repeatability.
  • Target Vertical Market:                                Hazardous Environment, High Precision Industrial Applications, Fast Moving Objects
  • Additional Feature:                                       Different mode of operation depending on applications “Geo Fencing”Ultra Low Power Active Tags to transmit or received data

Operation Mode


Time of Flight – TOF

Tags “Blink” to each SA

  • High Accuracy of 20cm ~10cm
  • High Power Consumptions
  • Normal Speed Moving Objects
  • Walking
Time Different of Arrival – TDOA

-Tags “Blink” once to all SA

-Lower Accuracy of 30cm ~ 50cm

-Low Power Consumptions

-Fast Moving Objects

  • Running
  • Drones
  • Unmanned Vehicle
Flexible Configurations


-2 Dimension

-3 Dimension

Tracking of 3 Drones in 3 Dimensions

Demonstration of Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA)

Tracking of Patients in Hospital

Demonstration of Time Of Arrival (TOA)


  • Provide 3D positioning with 20cm highest accuracy
  • Flexible configuration to support:
  • Zoning, 2D, 3D positioning mode
  • Configurable Beacon rate of tag is up to 50Hz
  • Build-in accelerometer to ensure 1 battery life
  • Support Linux and Windows environments, distributed structures;
  • Browser based platform with graphical operation interface and API development