Remote Vital Signs Monitoring

Hospitals, laboratories and medical device manufacturers today are doing everything they can to maintain quality and patient care while under major cost
containment or even cost-cutting pressures.

Reduced staffing compounds the challenge, as doctors, nurses, technicians and engineers are working harder than ever to deliver the same quality in patient care.

Medical device networking helps you do more with less. CREATE Technologies Remote Vital Signs Monitoring Solutions automate and safeguard data collection
and dissemination, and facilitate remote patient monitoring and reduced service costs.

CREATE Technologies Remote Vital Signs Monitoring Device help today’s hospitals and laboratories monitor, collaborate, and diagnose patients 24/7.

Enhance productivity, accuracy, and efficiency when using:

Remote Vital Signs Monitoring Devices

  • Blood Pressure
  • Oxygen Level
  • Temperature
  • Heartbeat

RVSM Overview


    • Flexible remote terminal management capacity
    • Support cloud/local deployment
    • Support third-party equipment
    • Unified data format
    • Unified application interface
    • Browser based platform to remote monitoring patient’s physiological data
    • Quickly Patient search engine
    • Individual graphical display for all observation data ( Blood Pressure ,Heartbeat rate ,Oxygen level ,Temperature )