Currently in the market, there isn’t any temperature sensors that is able to accurately measure body
temperature constantly for all ages.
CREATE Technologies have developed a unique Temperature Sensors that is able to:

  • Attached TEMPs at any part of the body and accurately measure the body temperature
  • Time schedule measurement
  • Temperature Reading transmit wirelessly via BLE
  • Alert system when temperature falls below or rises above pre-define value

Target Market

Infants / Children / Senior

  • Remotely constant measure of temperature


  • Heat Injuries / Heat Exhaustion prevention


Wearable with BLE +433MHz for Data Transmission

Light Weight / Small Form Factor

Battery Life: Up to 3 Days (Transmission Rate: 1 /min)


Web-based Software Graphical Display

Display Temperature Status at Programmable Interval

Warning System when Temperature falls below or goes above pre-defined value