High Precision GNSS + IMU Motorized Vehicle Tracking Device

Model VE800 is a cost-effective version of our GNSS Tracker. It is non-RTK but is equipped with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to take full advantage of tracking in open sky and also under shelter areas.

Setup is simple without connecting to vehicle CAN bus. Connection is through the vehicle battery source & a GNSS antenna.

Our Advantages

High Precision

Using GNSS + IMU Technology


Out-door & under sheltered areas

Small Footprint

Easy to install

Detail Parameters


Connect to battery source & either an internal or external antenna


approx. 1M to 2M


Multi-constellation of Satellite Systems eg. GPS, Beidou, Glonass & Galileo

Wide Area Coverage

120Km Radius

Multichannel Processing

16 Channels

Target Market

High security & sensitive installation, High value assets & generally all motorized vehicles where precision tracking & monitoring are required.

Software Features

Accurately track vehicle on a given map portal

Refresh rate is configurable down to 1 sec

Speed and direction tracking

Seamlessly track outdoor to indoor eg. tunnels, multi-storey carparks & between highrise buildings

Application Cases

Motorized Vehicle Tracking