BLE Smart Lock

App control Smart lock

Smart locks equipped with BLE technology that is highly secure since it uses cryptographic keys to unlock the lock. Unlike other common locks which need keys to unlock, users can control this lock using the mobile app through Bluetooth, which make it safer as keys may be misplaced easily.

Our Advantages

Remote Management

remotely manage the lock thru' App


track past records of lock/unlock

Low Energy Waste

Battery life 2 years

provides low battery notification

Highly Secure

cryptographic keys to unlock the lock

predefined protocols

Detail Parameters

Surface Treatment

Lock Body: Surface Sandblasting + Anodising
Lock Beam: Stainless Steel Colour



Lock Mode

Mobile App

Operation System

IOS/ Android 4.3 and above

IP Rating

IP 66

Battery Life

Non-rechargeable CR2 lithium manganese battery
Life expectancy of 2 years (10 times/day)

Software Features

Remotely sharing secret key

Wake up unlock mode

Configurable to unlock through QR code scanning

Record up to 1000 unlocked formation