CREATE provides Port of Singapore Authority with our in-house design and build RTK-GNSS devices for positioning and tracking of personal, vehicles and AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) for the Container Port Operations.

Container Vessel has many enclosed areas. Examples; hatch, shelter, narrow passage and other confined areas within the container vessel. RTK-GNSS device alone will not completely satisfy continuous tracking of their personnel on the vessel due to lack of Satellite Signals. In order to overcome the lack of Satellite Signals, CREATE-Tech integrates IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit) tag via BLE/4G communication link to RTK-GNSS device using our own designed algorithms to seamlessly integrate both technologies into one.

Our proposed solution has enabled PSA to track personnel on vessel, wharf, yards and rest area. This is to ensure all personnel do not enter unauthorized area due to safety & security concerns.