CREATE provides Singapore Port Authority with personal, vehicles & AGV with our RTK-GNSS devices and couple with IMU tags are able to track and monitor the safety of personal and the precision required for the vehicles and AGVs within its Port Operations.

Especially for containers port operations, personnel are deployed to work on wharf and vessel for loading/unloading of 20”/40” footer container. In most situation, personnel are either on the vessel inside the hatches or on the wharf side usually under the automated cranes structure. With containers stacked up high and tight spaces, typical GPS devices are not able to provide the accuracy necessary for locating its personnel.

CREATE has the solution and our outdoor tracking devices employing RTK-GNSS technology provide positioning accuracy to centimeter level and couple with IMU tags can achieve seamless out-door to in-door and vice versa tracking of personal, vehicles or assets which meets their needs.