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Accurate Tracking for PeopleCP200

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Accurate Tracking for VehiclesV400

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Indoor Accurate LocatingIMU

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GNSS with IMU Vehicle TrackingVE800

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Indoor Real Time LocatingUWB

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Remote Smart LockBSL

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Very Accurate Personal RTK-GNSS Tracking Device

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) combines many regional systems, like GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou, hence it is accuracy, redundancy and availability at all times. RTK-GNSS means Real-time Kinetic GNSS, which is more accurate than common GNSS. With this technology, CP200 becomes very accurate while easy to bring in the field of tracking people outdoors.

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V400 content


Very Accurate Vehicle RTK-GNSS Tracking Device

V400 is also an accurate tracking device using RTK-GNSS technology like CP200 which can achieve the accuracy of 20 to 50 cm, but it is built for vehicles. Before using V400, vehicles need to be installed with an antenna first. As it cannot work without signals, it is very appropriate for those big vehicles working outdoors like ships.

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IMU Content

Inertial Measurement Unit

Indoor Locating Device

IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) itself is used for measuring the motion state like velocity, acceleration and direction by measuring the inertia. When used with other technologies like LoRa (Long Range), it can also locate objectives, hence track them. As it does not use satellite signals, it is great for indoor tracking.

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VE800 content


Upgraded V400 with inside IMU

GNSS cannot locate indoor objectives, while IMU can. Hence, VE800 appears. It is an upgraded version of V400, which uses common GNSS instead of RTK-GNSS and IMU so that it can used both indoor and outdoor. For those vehicles that may also work indoors, like forklift, VE800 is definitely a great choice.

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Ultra-Wideband Technologies

Long Term Indoor Locating Device

UWB (Ultra-Wideband) Technologies is also for indoor locating, but a long term choice. IMU is easy to bring, so that it is more appropriate for emergency missions like firemen, while before using UWB, some infrastructures should be installed, which makes it a long term locating chioce.

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Bluetooth Smart Lock

Remotely Control Smart Safe Lock

BSL (Bluetooth Smart Lock) is a safe lock which uses remote control of lock and unlock. Users can control this lock using the mobile app through Bluetooth. Together with surface sandblasting and anodising, this lock is very safe for common conditions.

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