Maritime authorities in Singapore employed AIS devices to track and monitor vessel movements. AIS integrates standard VHF transceiver and GPS to provide navigation information for all their boats. The transmission frequency is typically set at every 3 minutes and speed of the boats are 2 knots or lower. This has proven to be insufficient for their current operations. An upgrade is necessary to ensure tracking and monitoring of all the boats (lighters) and which berth/crane is servicing them must be accurately track for data & financial purposes.

CREATE provides Jurong Ports with our RTK-GNSS devices and UI design for high precision tracking and monitoring of all their boats.

Using ONLY one base station, we can achieve 120km radius coverage which essentially cover whole of Singapore, neighboring countries & including portion of South China Sea. Our RTK-GNSS devices together with its antenna mounted on the boat is able to provide the precise location necessary for tracking and monitoring of it movement, speed and direction. Data transmission is set at every 5 sec and achievable at higher refresh rate.