Positional Accuracy locating device

UWB (Ultra Wideband Technology) can find the direction and precise location down to the centimeter level of a device. Due to such high accuracy, UWB is considered as the best wireless protocol for locating and communicating with devices in a quick and accurate manner. For UWB to work properly, a clear line of sight is extremely necessary. Different from IMU where it required no infrastructure, UWB typically is used in-door and required permanent structure to setup base-stations.

Our Advantages

High Precision

precise positional accuracy

down to centimeter level

Low Energy Waste

low-power consumption

it consumes much less power than WiFi and Bluetooth standards

Real Time Signal

high transfer speed with milliseconds latency

using Time-of-flight (ToF) and Angle-of-arrival (AoA) data, to determines the distance & position of the emitting device

Detail Parameters


Two way ranging


precise poistional accuracy down to centimeter level


3 dimensional

Signal Integrity

Real Time localization with milliseconds latency
High consistency and high repeatability

Additional Feature

Virtual Fencing "Geo Fencing"
Ultra low power active tags

Target Market

Healthcare, Prison, Warehouses & high security installations

System Architecture

3 Tier Architecture:

- Application Layer

- Service Layer

- Hardware Layer